Ambar for Enterprise: Up To 20% More Operating Profit

Luis Galeas

Mar 6, 2024

5 Mins Read

Large businesses that react and adapt to customer behavior in real time rely on data streaming software. But data streaming software lacks appropriate correctness guarantees out-of-the-box, whether it's open source or a proprietary cloud service. So engineering teams spend years implementing correctness guarantees themselves, but even the best teams retain errors with impact rates above 0.2% of the total value flowing through the business.

In verticals such as finance, logistics, e-commerce, e-gaming, and stock trading – where operating profits range from 1% to 10% of the total value processed – even a 0.2% loss due to errors can represent as much as 20% of operating profit. In other words, 20¢ of real time data streaming errors per $100 processed is monumental for payment processors, shipping companies, online sportsbooks, e-retailers, quantitative funds, courier services, and similar companies.

Without Ambar

Businesses have evolved from simply storing information inside their databases to reacting and adapting to customer behavior in real time. This shift means that real time data streaming now impacts companies' entire revenue stream. Thus, engineering teams need formally defined data streaming guarantees, which must apply end-to-end and without errors – otherwise, businesses will lose a significant fraction of their profits.

The fundamental data streaming model is that streams are logical subsets of events; for example, one stream of events per customer. Each stream must be processed in parallel, with low latency, in order, and without lost or duplicated events. Solutions other than Ambar fail to implement the data streaming model and its guarantees on an end-to-end basis, i.e. spanning source application, producer, queue, consumer, and destination application.

It is theoretically possible to satisfy end-to-end guarantees by writing extensive custom software on top of existing solutions. Nevertheless, in practice there are too many implementation traps and companies do not have the appetite to spend years and $10m+ on the time and talent required to surmount those traps.

The data streaming market is cluttered with vendors whose solutions, optimized for analytics with human oversight, falter in machine-driven, real-time decision-making contexts. These off-the-shelf products, while user-friendly, mask critical deficiencies in handling automated, high-stakes scenarios like financial transactions or supply chain management. Beyond the immediate 20% operational profit loss, other solutions prevent businesses from taking full advantage of real time data streaming, resulting in worse long-term consequences.

With Ambar

Ambar provides all the end-to-end guarantees in the data streaming model out of the box. It only requires 14 lines of configuration, works with all programming languages and frameworks, and can be integrated into an existing application within 30 minutes. Besides the guarantees, Ambar enables features that traditionally require much work: reprocessing all historical data or merging streams from disparate sources without compromising any of its guarantees.

What does this look like from a semi-technical perspective? Ambar solves data streaming guarantees with provably correct models, which share a point of consensus with customer systems through an outbox table inside the customer’s database. First, customers produce to that outbox table. Ambar will then pull data with minimal latency and push it to customer endpoints in order, in parallel, with exactly-once semantics, with smart error handling, with user-defined filtering, and automatically adapting concurrency according to the destination’s system health.

The case for data streaming is almost obvious these days – change is the only constant and businesses must proactively respond to change, or get left behind. Ambar goes further. Not only does Ambar save years of development time, but most importantly, by enabling real time data streaming with guarantees, Ambar eliminates defects and recovers up to 20% of operating profit compared to alternative vendors and in-house implementations, empowering companies to compound their gains into even larger long term advantages.

Over $3B in Transactions Processed

Discover what Ambar could do for you!

Over $3B in Transactions Processed

Discover what Ambar could do for you!

Over $3B in Transactions Processed

Discover what Ambar could do for you!