Ambar is an open-source document search and management system with automated crawling, OCR, tagging and instant full-text search.

Ambar defines the new way to manage your documents out of the box:

  • Ingest documents from any source
  • Find documents and images instantly with Google-like search
  • Manage your documents with tags, hide irrelevant search results
  • Download or share links to your documents, even if they've been deleted from the source

Ingest Documents

Upload your documents manually or setup an automated crawling from any source. Ingest your documents from network locations like SMB or FTP, import your mail with IMAP crawler, or request us to build a custom crawler for you. Your documents will always stay fresh as Ambar crawls sources by schedule and smartly merges them. The full list of supported file types is available on our GitHub page.

Find And Manage Your Documents

Ambar provides you with the Google-like search experience. You can search through your documents by any word or phrase from their contents or meta. Common scenarios are:

  • Find documents by a phrase: "childhood education"
  • Find reports modified today: report when:today
  • Find pdfs containing confidential information: confidential pdf
  • Find a scanned id document by its number: 7123414 tags:ocr

Add more structure to your documents by tagging them and hiding irrelevant search results.
Furthermore, Ambar is smart enough to automatically tag documents containing:

  • URIs: uri,uri-http, uri-https, uri-ftp, uri-ftps and uri-local
  • IP addresses: ip, ipv4 and ipv6
  • Emails: email
  • Telephone numbers: phone, phone-ru
  • Archives: archive
  • Images: image

Preview files and named entites.

If you still have doubts, check out our FAQ.

Community Driven Development

"I was really happy to find this project after spending quite some time for Solr, Datafari, manifoldcf, etc. PoCs. Finally something that works out of the box and allows me to crawl my local documents (using smb) and my emails" - gewuerzgurke84

We're open to your advises and bug-reports. A lot of features proposed by the community were added to Ambar, share your thoughts on our GitHub page and make Ambar even better.



> sudo ./ install

Installation is straightforward. Turn on your Linux machine and follow our step-by-step installation guide.

Want to see Ambar in action before installation? Take a look at the demo

Editions & Pricing

There are two editions available: Community and Enterprise. Enterprise Edition is a full featured document search and management system that can handle terabytes of data.

Community Edition is a scaled down, single user version of Enterprise Edition with limited number of pipelines and crawlers, though preserving the full functionality. You are welcome to use Ambar Community Edition for both personal and commercial purposes, at no cost.

FeatureCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Real-time statistics++
Manual upload++
Scheduled crawling++
CrawlersSMB, FTP, IMAP, DropboxSMB, FTP, IMAP, Dropbox & Custom
Parallel processing-Unlimited
UsersSingle userUnlimited
PricingForever Free
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