Effortless, State-of-the-Art Data Streaming

If you can write to a database and respond to HTTP requests, you can have a world class Data Streaming stack. Right now!

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Ambar is a fully managed Data Streaming service that provides robust guarantees and eliminates the need for message brokers, background workers, producers, and consumers.

Ambar works by pulling data from outbox tables (data sources) in your database. It then stores the data in distributed, redundant, durable, highly available, and performant message brokers. Next, it pushes the data to your http endpoints (data destinations) in order, in parallel, with smart error handling and user-defined filtering.

It only takes 14 lines of configuration!

Fully Managed

Fully Managed really means Fully Managed. Ambar hosts message brokers, background workers, producers, and consumers.

Robust Guarantees

Partitioned, in order, exactly once, ACID compliant, secure data streaming.

No Learning Curve

If you know how to write to a database, and respond to an http request, you already know how to use Ambar.

Any Programming Language or Framework

Process data streams with your current language and framework, no matter what you're using.

Filter, Merge, and Replay

All done with configuration. I.e., no workers, no logic in your application code.

Blazing Fast

Nearby connections from 30+ locations around the world. Incremental latencies under 50ms.

Highly Available

Scales Automatically. 99.999% Availability.

Highly Durable

Redundant storage. 99.9999999% Durability.


Without Ambar

Fight an endless battle with Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS, connectors, exactly-once, ordering, partitioning, availability, producer tuning, monitoring, consumer tuning, durability, throughput, networking, auto-scaling, provisioning, rebalancing, unknown failure modes, and more.

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With Ambar

Use Data Streaming wherever you need it, from micro-services to scheduling, without a PhD in distributed systems.

Get all the features and guarantees you dreamed of, with none of the hassle.

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    It's effectively FREE!

    Ambar costs the same (or less) as the infrastructure it replaces!

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