Our Story

At Ambar, our philosophy is simple yet profound: the easier we make Data Streaming, the greater the value our customers contribute to the world. Data Streaming is ubiquitous, underpinning everything from banks aggregating transactions to retailers tracking inventory levels. However, today's tools ensnare businesses and their engineers in a maze of complications. Whether internally developed or outsourced to "fully-managed" vendors, the resulting solutions demand an overwhelming level of specialized knowledge, extra infrastructure, and meticulous tuning. What's worse, this complexity prevents the delivery of critical features, hurting the customers who trust those businesses.

So why is Data Streaming such a challenge? Because so far, the industry has only tackled half of the problem - the "pipes" that transport data. Today, we have mighty data pipes like Kafka, Redpanda, Pulsar, RabbitMQ, Kinesis, SQS, Pub/Sub, and many more. However, we've neglected the ingress and egress engines responsible for loading data into and out of these pipes. These engines, are as important as the pipes themselves, if not more so.

That's where Ambar steps in. We empower every software engineer to easily construct Data Streaming systems by offering a comprehensive abstraction of data pipes and the ingress and egress engines. In 2021, we courageously challenged the status quo and set forth on our mission to revolutionize Data Streaming. By the close of 2022, we were thrilled to welcome our first customer. As we continue our journey into 2023, supported by a group of fantastic investors, we are eager to carve out a new chapter in Data Streaming. We believe in innovation's power and strive to make Data Streaming a simpler, more efficient, and fun experience. Our story is still being written, and we invite you to join us as we shape the future of Data Streaming.

Our Team

Combining technical excellence with love for our customers.


Luis P. Galeas


Physics Dropout (UIUC). Previously @ AWS, Lendable.


Zachary Benavides

Founding Engineer

Computer Science PhD (UCal). Previously @ K&C, Pushfor.


Tom Schutte

Founding Engineer

Computer Engineering BSE (UWis). Previously @ AWS, XES.


Denisa Kastrati

Head of Operations

Media Arts BA (St Mary's). Previously @ Monterosa, Chelsea FC.


Marcelo Lazaroni

Founding Engineer

Computer Science BSc (UWL). Previously @ Meta, SCB.


And Others

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